Saturday, August 29, 2009

Baby Analise

Analise finally came into the world Tuesday evening. There is quite a story leading up to her delivery but that story, and the story of our 10 hour drive to Florida the day after getting home from the hospital, will follow soon. For now, here are a few much requested photos. She is our little Scottish angel. We love the red hair.

Oh, and her full name is: Analise Rael McFatter. Analise is pronounced with the short o sound. Rael is in honor of a Ugandan friend and is pronounced rye-L. There seems to be some difficulty with pronunciation. My mother continues to tell people my daughter's middle name is Raul. I hope it's not a bad sign that we named our daughter a name that apparently requires a paragraph long explanation:-)
Leora is doing great by the way. She kisses Analise on the head constantly and has yet to attempt capsizing the bassinet.


  1. Oh how beautiful, Michelle (and Jedd...). I already love her so much! Give both of my beautiful nieces kisses for me. I love and miss you all.


  2. I forgot about your blog and kept checking Facebook. (I even wrote a lament in your honor there...) Good to get something of a new report from you. You must be in UK by now. Please check in when you can. Love from Denver,